Nut and Seed Butters

Posted: January 26, 2015 in The Pantry Sheet

We go through an inordinate amount of nut and seed butters.

A. It’s a great way to get in some awesome protein and nutrients to little bodies

B. It’s the only breakfast my husband ever wants (makes life easy, actually considering he’s the only non-vegan in the house)

C. The boys go to a “nut-free” school and seed butter n jelly sandwiches are like, one of two things my son will eat for lunch… can you tell who he takes after? Aherm

So I’ve experimented with a wide variety of plant butter procurement rituals.

Up until recently, none of these rituals inspired that moment where you say to yourself “Self, this is the right way. This is the easy way. Let’s always do it this way, every single time.” [See- exhibit 1. beats head against wall waiting scraping down sides of food processor while blending quantity of almonds purchased for roughly the equal value of almond butter/ exhibit dos. runs up emergency organic store grocery run bill with $8.00 jar that will possibly be mostly smeared on something inedible by 2 yr old/ exhibit 3 hits sale on non-organic Sunbutter at Target which is sort of okay]


We’ve kind of been scraping the bottom of a 5 lb tub of Seed Butter that we didn’t mix very well when we bought it. This has been getting us by as we cobble together some plant butter sustenance from paycheck to paycheck recently.

Last paycheck I just said, “You know what, fuh0get it. Let’s just blow a chunk on two 5 lb tubs.” It will last forever. It’s easy to monitor unauthorized toddler butter play and I know the product is organic and tasty. So there you have it. For now, this is easy, it’s the best way, let’s always do this:

I ordered a 5 lb tub of organic Vanilla Almond Butter (their Cinnamon Vanilla is my favorite but it only comes in 8 or 15 oz) and a 5 lb tub of Pepita Sunseed Butter from 

You’ll see, it is a chunk of change. But trust me, if you go through butters like we do save yourself the un-worth it DIY headache and numerous uneconomical trips to the store.


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