I Like Rice Now. Rice is fun.

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Picky Eaters

My little “super taster” (Super T) is making great strides lately. Anyone else who has an extremely picky eater knows what I’m talking about. You feel like you’ve won the lottery when your child finally, finally tries a new food item; and when they declare that they like it?

I’m not saying there was dancing. I’m pretty strict about not reacting at all to what Super T does at the table because it sets up a power play that guess who will not be winning. Ahem, (👉this lady👈).

So what was different this time vs. the other hundred times we had rice for dinner and he refused? I served it plain and with basically no other anxiety creating items around. Have I really never served him plain rice before. I’m sure I have but it’s certainly been a while. I am also realizing that what I think looks simple on the plate still might be overwhelming to him if it’s seen as unfamiliar.

Another big surprise on Magic Rice Night (which I might just mark on my calendar and celebrate next year) was a double win from Trader Joes:

Hands down fave vegan "Arroz Con Pollo" protein

Hands down fave vegan “Arroz Con Pollo” protein

Not only were these strips everything I’ve been looking for in a veggie protein to put in Arroz con Pollo, I showed the box and the strips to little Super T while I was cooking and he grabs one out of my hand and eats it cold. What? I mean who is this kid? I’ll take it, though.

It seems to be a key time for me to get in there and get the little guy into some new foods. I’ll tell you about veggie lasagna shock and awe that went down last night in another post. Until then, do you have a picky eater at your house? Or just someone suspicious of plant foods? Any recent wins? I’d love to hear.

Happy trails, happy cooking and eat those beets!


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