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I Like Rice Now. Rice is fun.

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Picky Eaters

My little “super taster” (Super T) is making great strides lately. Anyone else who has an extremely picky eater knows what I’m talking about. You feel like you’ve won the lottery when your child finally, finally tries a new food item; and when they declare that they like it?

I’m not saying there was dancing. I’m pretty strict about not reacting at all to what Super T does at the table because it sets up a power play that guess who will not be winning. Ahem, (👉this lady👈).

So what was different this time vs. the other hundred times we had rice for dinner and he refused? I served it plain and with basically no other anxiety creating items around. Have I really never served him plain rice before. I’m sure I have but it’s certainly been a while. I am also realizing that what I think looks simple on the plate still might be overwhelming to him if it’s seen as unfamiliar.

Another big surprise on Magic Rice Night (which I might just mark on my calendar and celebrate next year) was a double win from Trader Joes:

Hands down fave vegan "Arroz Con Pollo" protein

Hands down fave vegan “Arroz Con Pollo” protein

Not only were these strips everything I’ve been looking for in a veggie protein to put in Arroz con Pollo, I showed the box and the strips to little Super T while I was cooking and he grabs one out of my hand and eats it cold. What? I mean who is this kid? I’ll take it, though.

It seems to be a key time for me to get in there and get the little guy into some new foods. I’ll tell you about veggie lasagna shock and awe that went down last night in another post. Until then, do you have a picky eater at your house? Or just someone suspicious of plant foods? Any recent wins? I’d love to hear.

Happy trails, happy cooking and eat those beets!


Picky Eaters

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Picky Eaters

My picky eater [audible cleansing exhale]- where do I start?

First I’m going to that my little one goes beyond normal kid picky. I’m going to link to a ref below that will give a little backstory on what constitutes an extremely picky eater. Please feel free to comment with your tips and struggles. Just know, that I’m coming from the belief that some kids are just regular kid finicky and some have serious taste sensitivities to overcome and I feel the science can back this up. Of course there are many degrees in between the two and the extreme “I’ll put any ol’ thing in my little boca” (I have two of those in addition to my finicky one… crazy world, crazy life).

That said, I know I have catered to little one too much in the past. About the same time I began the Beet Sheet, I decided to cut off any and all ‘alternative meals’, shall we say? But while many many folks are absolutely sure that the “Take it or leave it” approach is 100% foolproof… um, yeah. Not working so much for this one. I know some people will not believe me. I know some will say that I have not really tried. Okay. Feel free to scroll past the rest of the post and leave a comment below telling me I’m fulla bologna. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll.

For anyone else who has a true picky eater you know it’s all about small victories. Gradually getting them to try or even just smell (at first) new flavors and textures is really key in getting them to broaden their food horizons. So I’m going to post some picky eater tidbits here and there. I’d love for you to share any tidbits you have as well.

Sicky Eater Tidbit:

It’s a weird Non-Snow Day here. We’re supposed to get a the tale end of a blizzard, or not, or it will rain. Or we’ll all be stuck on the highway. One of our local weather people got into a caddy twitter fight with some teens. I kind of think he must have been drinking a little bit. As I said, weird day. I was already planning on staying home with Mr. Super Tastebuds because he has a real yucky cold, then second little one woke up with a fever. Long story short, we’re all at home together, them trying their best to make everything in the house sticky, me trying to think of things Super T will actually swallow to make him feel better.

Sickey Eater Tidbit, Level Easy (with advance level up opt.)

Lemon Cup

I am an inventor, I invent things! Sorry, I am still a little drunk with power. Usually it’s just stupid made up names for undesirable food items that really, are not fooling anybody. Although I will say “Dinosaur Smoothie” tanked for months and months, possibly even a whole year before it was finally successful. Don’t give up! Super T really enjoyed the Lemon Cup invention. He inexplicably like raw lemons, grating them, smelling them and sucking out the juice out of them. No small part of this is willful rebellion, but I figure I canse this to my advantage. The first lemon cup was simply a slightly juiced half lemon filled with agave nectar. I decided to experiment with grating into an agave/lemon juice mixture

1. a little turmeric (I happened to have a small root hiding out in my freezer, but you could use ground if you have it) and a little fresh ginger:


20150126_134413 20150126_134731

I told Super T the turmeric was orange sprinkles, but it was a no go. I actually think the grated idea was a good way to go and would recommend you try it. The turmeric smell was very faint compared to if it had been ground. I will definitely try this again another day. I gave it to little brother and made him a plain one. He did however smell and lick raw ginger root. I’m calling it a tiny win for Team Mom (tiny, teeny tiny).

Sicky Eater Tidbit, Level Advanced

Soup. Soup is really the mainstay of my Beet Sheet plans. You can make a giant pot on Sunday, or whatever day you have off. Make, two! Stretch out your ingredients and stretch out your meal prep. It’s awesome. Enter Mr Super T aka Mr I will not eat soup ever, ever, ever. It is not macaroni. It’s not pizza, It’s not a sandwich. I will not eat it.

I’ll admit I’m secretly envious of parents and caregivers who can use soup as a selling point in and of itself. The nephews love soup. I’ve even tried some positive peer soup pressure since Super T would love to be just like his older cool cousins. Still no success.

Here’s an example of the kind of soup that’s great for Sicky Eaters but they would probably never want to try:

Shroomy Hot and Sour Soup from “Isa Does It” by Isa Chandra Moskowitz


Ain’t it purdy? I think so, but I’m not five. Plus I was always a little weird, let’s be honest.

Sicky eater tactic 1:

Super T loved having a hot cup of mint tea this morning. In the same mug later on, I made some plain brown miso broth with a tiny, tiny bit of Better than Bouillon mushroom base and a splash of soy sauce.

Nope… considered it, smelled it and denied.

Sicky eater tactic 2:

Same cup a little later, this time white miso. Super T went back for the double smell and play with the spoon but eventually rejected.

I have squandered the last of my white miso, noooooo!!!


If this happens to you, just remember- relax, take a deep breath. Try again next time. I am still convinced tea and mild miso will be my way in with soup. I will definitely be on the look out for a good price on white miso on next week’s shopping trip. Try, try, try again.

Do you have a secret “in” with soup? Share your tidbits!

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